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Boston and New York
United States


​musician, educator, artist, community activist

a woman, an artist, a mother, a student, a teacher... a dreamer

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a woman, an artist, a mother, a student, a teacher... a dreamer

Nedelka Prescod

it's not the easiest thing to do

to be this thing called responsible when you're a dreamer

big dreams i have that may take me across the globe (and into space if you let me) ... at the spur of a moment...

i simply see myself everywhere with a guitar, my son, his guitar, some books, his pipe cleaner people, my beading supplies, my red leather journal and a few mechanical pencils

i guess this one is real specific... shout outs to the women out there that are single mothers, students, artists, professionals and whatever else it is that you naturally do and to the dreamers

these last few years have challenged me to decide what i'm actually doing with my life

not the conversation i would regularly have with my parents whose loving concern attempted to convince me to get a "good city job with benefits and a good retirement plan", but one that challenges me to face the fears... the fears of it being too late, too much and too risky... to design my own life 

now don't get me wrong, more recently the thought of playing it safe has been a real thought but i've never been the one that could completely give up on a dream

what if i stopped too short and the window was right around that next corner?   

and even though there have been many corners and at times it seemed that i was walking around a city block that was not the usual 4 sided geometric shape but one that had infinite sides, corners, hills and obstacles... i keep walking

and then i remember that this walk is not necessarily about the destination but the journey... the quality and authenticity of life

in a few weeks i will be a full time DMA student working part time raising a young brother while committed to really playing that guitar i've been casually dating, singing songs from my heart with my eyes on a few big prizes

i've seen a few of my dreams come true and some are still only real in my mind

as women we are taught to watch the clock... this week i've decided to break the one the world has been trying to shackle around my life and dreams

i've dissolved time and am creating a new time feel for my life

each day i take smaller yet more consistent steps towards the vision and the rest i release to The Creator

as i look forward at times its hard to see the next corner or even the next foot ahead, yet, when i look back i see from whence i came

it's been a journey that has allowed me to meet living legends (some who have transitioned into the next dimension of life and some who the world is now celebrating in present time), travel, perform, teach, read, love, laugh, dance, cry, grow up and let go

through many tears and moments of despair i've sent an earnest prayer up and received showers of miraculous blessings

hold to your dream

i no longer expect everyone to catch the vision... i'll simply live it and however it unfolds, if its meant to be seen, it shall

in the meantime it's simply my life